The Lineator High Performance (HP) model is used where the highest power quality demands must be met. Lineator HP outperforms active filters in efficiency, with gains of 2 per cent or more. It is more reliable and easier to maintain than any of the complex AFE drives or active filters currently available.

Specifying the Lineator HP for applications with standard 6-Pulse ASD's provides end-users with low harmonic drive systems at 20 to 30 per cent less in capital costs than other solutions. Operating costs are also significantly lowered due to the higher efficiency gains.

In addition to all the benefits of the Lineator AUHF, the new High Performance HP model offers < 5% ITDD. With the addition of a tap to allow for reactor impedance adjustment, current distortion levels of < 5% can be achieved without introducing excessive voltage drop or ASD instability.

An easy to apply, passive filter capable of reducing Variable Speed Drive (VSD) / Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) harmonics by up to 10 times with none of the inherent problems of conventional filters.
  • Treats all major harmonics generated by Variable Speed Drives and other 3-phase rectifier loads (5th, 7th, 11th, 13th …)
  • Exceeds 18-pulse performance in a smaller footprint, at lower cost and without sacrificing energy efficiency
  • Easily applied to input of a single VSD
  • No need to phase shift against other VSD ’s
  • No need for costly harmonic studies
  • Will meet IEEE 519 standard for both current and voltage distortion
  • Input current demand distortion < 8% over entire operating range
  • Power factor 0.98 lagging to 0.95 leading over the normal operating range
  • Compatible with engine generators since capacitive reactance is < 15% of rated kVA even under light loads
  • Will not resonate with other power system components Will not be overloaded by other line side harmonic sources
  • Suppresses overvoltages caused by capacitor switching and other fast changing loads
  • Eliminates need for drive isolation transformers, AC line reactors and DC link chokes
  • Removal of harmonics improves overall system power factor
  • Saves energy by reducing upstream harmonic losses while operating at > 99% efficiency
  • Reduces DC bus ripple and increases ride-through capability of the load
Run Lineator™ simulations with SOLV™
  • SOLV™, Mirus’ proprietary and complimentary software, is a powerful simulation program that calculates current and voltage distortion levels by simulating the Mirus Lineator™ and VFD based on your load requirements.
  • SOLV™ can accurately predict the performance level you can expect, saving you the expense of a costly harmonic study.
  • View current and voltage waveforms and harmonic spectrums
  • Produce detailed IEEE 519 compliance reports
  • Export Harmonic Spectrum information to a Spreadsheet
  • Perform energy analysis
  • Calculates TIF and I*T Product at PCC#1 and PCC#2 and more
'Performance Guarantee'

MIRUS guarantees that the LINEATOR™ AUHF will perform as advertised to reduce harmonic distortion caused by AC Variable Speed Drives and other non-linear loads equipped with 3-phase, 6-pulse, diode bridge rectifiers. A properly selected and installed LINEATOR™ will:

  1. Reduce Current Total Harmonic Distortion (ITHD), measured at the LINEATOR™ input terminals at full load, to:
    (i.) < 8% when background voltage distortion is < 5% and voltage imbalance is < 3%
    (ii) < 5% when short circuit ratio (Isc/IL), as defined by IEEE Std 519, is < 20 and when background voltage distortion is < 0.5% and voltage imbalance is < 1%
  2. Reduce Current Total Demand Distortion (ITDD), measured at the LINEATOR™ input terminals over its entire operating range, to levels defined in Item 1 above. ITDD is defined as the ratio of ITHD divided by the full load current (peak demand current) of the Lineator™.
  3. Minimize the contribution to Voltage Harmonic Distortion of all VSD’s equipped with the LINEATOR™ to < 5% total and < 3% for individual harmonics, as defined by IEEE Std 519-1992.
  4. NOT become overloaded by other upstream harmonic sources.
  5. NOT resonate with other power system components.
  6. NOT have compatibility problems with engine generator sets properly sized for the load.
Low Voltage AutoTransformer with LINEATOR™ Harmonic Filter.

The use of 6-pulse Variable Speed Drives and other static power conversion equipment has grown rapidly in recent years. With this growth has come concern over the level of current harmonics generated by such equipment. Harmonic currents and the voltage distortion these currents create can have devastating effects on a power distribution system and its connected equipment. Present methods of harmonic treatment on low voltage 6-pulse VFD applications where the VFD voltage rating is different from the service voltage, require a special replacement 18-Pulse VFD, or a separate transformer to match the existing 6-Pulse VFD voltage along with tuned passive filters, or expensive active filters. The innovative AutoTranslineator™ is the best advance in the area of low voltage passive harmonic mitigation available today. No other device on the market can meet the limits of IEEE STD 519 at an equivalent size, efficiency and cost. When the application calls for harmonic treatment for low voltage 6-pulse VFD applications where the VFD voltage rating is different from the service voltage, the AutoTranslineator™ is the only logical choice.
The only passive harmonic filter designed for 3-phase VFD's operating on a 1-phase supply.

In remote locations such as farms, golf courses, oil and gas fields and residential areas standard 3-phase Variable Speed Drives are often used as Phase Converters to supply 3-phase motors when only 1-phase power is available. The Lineator™ 1Q3 is ideal for systems such as water and waste water, pump jacks, irrigation and many others.

The Lineator-1Q3™ has been designed to address this application by accepting 1-phase input and supplying a quasi 3-phase supply to the VFD. This will significantly lower both input harmonic current distortion (by up to 10x) and DC ripple current within the VFD. Reducing the ripple current allows for less derating of the VFD which, in many cases, will offset the cost of the Lineator-1Q3™.

For more information on the Lineator™ 1Q3, please contact your local Mirus representative.