The newest reactor in MTE’s reactor line is the RLW World Reactor (RWL). An advanced filtering solution for any 4 or 6 pulse rectifier or power conversion unit, RLW Reactors absorb many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down inverters, variable frequency drives (VFDs), variable speed controllers, and other sensitive equipment. Primarily applied to LINE SIDE applications, where the majority of reactors are used, the RLW can be applied to LOAD SIDE uses as well.


  • Wider range of standard impedance values for accurate and cost effective selection
  • Expanded inductance values and low current offerings to support both NEC and IEC world-wide applications
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Amperage ratings of 0.5 to 750 Amps
  • Suitable for application to single phase drives for transient protection
  • UL / cUL LISTED and CE marked for all your installation requirements

Design Features:

  • Compact and lightweight package for peak performance
  • Small footprint, ideal for OEM’s, Integrators, and Panel Builders
  • DIN Rail mounting option
  • Adapter plate allows for drop-in replacement of other reactors
  • Available in all the standard voltages from 208 to 690 VAC
  • Epoxy impregnation to minimize audible noise
  • Crossover Tables available for other standard reactors